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Title: Paulo Pereira
Author: paulo pereira
Votes: 202

Category: A Free Style Cocktail 2021
Views: 696
Description: Worldcocktailmasters a team of people working on a daily basis making connections between the best bartenders and the best brands. It’s a road for Bartenders and Brands to feel, taste, smell and discover what secrets hide behind the best cocktail. You will find out everything about bartending, spirits and brands bartenders use. We give brands and bartenders around the world a platform to share high quality of the best cocktails and spirits with a variety of links and videos shared with the world. People that visit our site can vote for the best cocktail video. Bartenders can add their and share their video’s. Brands can support bartenders to make a cocktail with their spirit. and we share videos of those bartenders promoting you’re brand. This contest ends 2021-12-28 . The video in the top 10 with the most votes receives a 1000 euro’s. Feel free to join the competition and share your video to get the most votes !